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Being a healthy man - it means to be a strong, active, energetic, productive, confident. The man responsible for his family, his house and his job. A truly healthy man is not only an excellent physical shape but also a sense of purpose, ability to continue the race and to find a way out of all the difficult situations. Nevertheless, each modern man has the aim to be always in a good physical shape but it is a really hard way to reach.

The main factors of good men’s health: • a healthy heart and blood vessels; • well-developed respiratory system; • stable psyche and nerves of steel; • reliable locomotor apparatus; • faultless urinary system; • the normal hormone balance; • strong immune defense; • proper digestion; • a healthy reproductive system.

These aspects are the ones that define physical men’s health. In addition, the thing that is important is feeling yourself a healthy person at all the matters. It is known, that the inner spirit defines health and helps in the most hopeless situations. The psychosomatic factor of higher mental functions are affecting all organs and systems of the male body. Accordingly, it is utterly important for males to feel themselves real men but sometimes they face some sexual problems due to the erectile dysfunction and in most of the cases it makes them take male Viagra to turn back to full sexual life again but it is not enough to heal themselves completely.